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Valve Type: Angle Globe

Function: 2-way fixed orifice drain

Action: Normally Open

Actuation: Pneumatic

Pilot Range: 35-40 psi  (2.4-2.8 bar)

Sizes: ¾” -1½” (DN 20 to DN 40)

Pressure Ratings: Up to 500 psi (34 bar) ASME Class 300

Temperature Ratings: -40°F to 450°F  (-40°C to 231°C)

Connection Style: Threaded (NPT/BSPT) & Flanged (B16.5)

Seat Type: Soft Seat 

Leakage Rate: ANSI/FCI 70-2 class VI

Cv: Maximum of 45

Media: Most process fluid types; gas, liquids and steam

  • Overview: The Durbin Angle Drain Valve (DVS) is designed to provide the user with a fast and reliable normally open drain valve.  The angled design allows for a rapid depressurization of your vessel, and the stem head and stem completely retract out of the flow path to increase speed and efficiency during the drain sequence.

  • Materials of Construction:  The wetted components are constructed entirely from corrosion-resistant materials. The valve body, actuating stem and seat are all constructed from stainless steel. The valve seal is made from a durable thermoplastic that withstands high temperatures and extreme process conditions. Packing consists of a strong PTFE material.  Powder-coated spring and lids finish off this durable product offering to give an exceptional service life.

  • Application: The DVS is designed to withstand the toughest environments.  Typically, this valve is used on the drain side or downstream side of a vessel where high-velocity evacuations are the normal service application.  This angled design is superior in allowing any foreign material to exit the valve rather than getting lodged in the valve body as is the case with traditional up-and-over globe-style valves. 


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