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Cure Time Optimization, Realization, & Reduce Energy Consumption

Cure Time Optimization & Realization: Pneumatic valves suffer from losses in both time and accuracy caused by stick slip and hysteresis. Also, repeatability is lost due to inconsistencies in traditional pneumatic actuated systems. Synergy Series eliminates these problems and ensures exact position control to maximize the cure model.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Synergy Series eliminates the need for compressed air valve actuation. This significantly reduces energy bills and large capital investments associated with air compressors, air dryers, compressed air piping, solenoid valves, I/P’s etc.



  • Pressures up to ASME 600# class
  • Process temperature range -40°F to 450°F (-40°C to 231°C)
  • Connection sizes from ¼”-2”
  • Multiple trim sizes and  flow profiles in each connection size
  • Internal spring returns the valve to the original open or closed position upon signal loss, power loss or E-stop
  • Normally Closed or Normally Open designs
  • Stainless steel wetted components to ASME material standards
  • Advanced engineered thermal plastic used for critical sealing components
  • Compatible with most process fluids, both liquids and gases
  • Cv ratings from .05 to 56.7
  • Globe style or angle style designs available
  • 82,000 discrete positions per inch of travel
  • Speeds up to 1” of travel per second
  • Ambient temperature rating of 180° F (82° C)

  • Servomotor-actuated position control with internal smoothing of PLC analog output signal
  • Soft-Seated, positive shutoff, engineered sealing edge meets highest  ANSI/FCI 70-3 Class VI leakage rate standards
  • Energy efficient: eliminates compressed air, tubing, fittings, I/P, regulators, solenoids, dryers
  • Instantaneous reaction time (small dead time or lag)
  • Reduction in hysteresis
  • Repeatable, due to high resolution encoder
  • Elimination of stick slip
  • Longer service life: estimated 10.5 years
  • Reduced and simplified maintenance
  • Ability to rehome and reseat to maintain positive shutoff
  • Increase in stiffness to negate the effects of upstream process condition changes
  • Automatic initialization for easy setup


The Synergy Series line of valves is very versatile in its ability to speak a multitude of languages, protocols, and drive commands.  From the most simple analog 4-20 mA plug and play, to the more sophisticated protocols such as Ethernet/IP, the Synergy Series valves can be configured to speak with your PLC or be integrated with a stand alone PLC for an all-in-one solution.

  • Analog 0-20 mA
  • Analog 4-20 mA
  • Analog 0-10 Volts
  • Analog 0-24 Volts
  • Digital Step and Direction
  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet/IP

  • ProfiNet
  • Modbus TCP
  • EtherCat
  • CANopen
  • RS-485
  • 24V I/O input

Modular Design

The Synergy Series line of valves is modular.  Rather than replacing the entire valve when a component fails, the user can replace just the needed component.  This allows for a decrease in store room inventory and increased up-times as the valve may be serviced in line.


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