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Valve Type: Spool

Function: 2-way/3-way

Action: Normally Closed/Normally Open 

Actuation: Pneumatic

Pilot Range: 35-40 psi  (2.4-2.8 bar)

Sizes: ½”-¾”  (DN 15 to DN 20)

Pressure Ratings: Up to 6000 psi (414 bar) 

Temperature Ratings: -20°F to 160°F  (-26°C to 71°C)

Connection Style: Threaded (NPT/BSPT) 

Seat Type: Hard Seat

Leakage Rate: ANSI/FCI 70-2 class VI

Cv: Maximum of 3.6

Media: Most process fluid types; gas, liquids and steam

  • Overview: The Durbin Hydraulic Valve Series is available for your high-pressure, low-volume needs.  The stainless steel billet design provides the strength and toughness to withstand the stress associated with these high-pressure applications.  The D4000 line can deliver performance up to 4000 psi, while the D6000 series can deliver up to 6000 psi media pressures.

  • Materials of Construction: The Durbin HV series is constructed of ASME pressure vessel stainless steel grade 300 series.  The seat sleeve and stem components are machined from precipitation-hardenable material, giving this valve exceptional sealing ability over the life of the product. This tough and durable material can withstand the devastating effects caused by high velocity media flow through the flow channels.  

  • Application: This valve series is ideal for applications where high pressure and low volume flow is required.  The hard-seated design allows for repeated sealability at these elevated pressures.  Whether you are needing that high pressure bump at the end of a cylinder movement, or you just have a high-pressure application that traditional globe valves can't achieve, the Durbin HV series can provide a solution to your needs.


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