​Synergy Series

Synergy Series by Durbin Industrial Valve is an all new intelligent valve that has revolutionized manufacturing processes.

Synergy Series servomotor actuated valves are digitally controlled with the ability to utilize digital or analog signals. Digital control allows these valves to deliver high accuracy, speed, repeatability and reliability while providing performance data and analytics. Feedback gathered includes but is not limited to: valve position, position error, torque, module temperature, & fault codes.

Through the logging of digital data, one can evaluate valve health, monitor performance for predictive maintenance and more accurate troubleshooting. The use of live data allows for the identification of changes in actual valve position over time, potentially identifying a leak.

Manufacturers utilizing this technology have realized the following:

Durbin Industrial Valve is eager to provide any additional information specific to your company. We would like to work with you to schedule time to demonstrate the Synergy Valve and review and discuss current processes and applications where the Synergy Series would be beneficial.

Pilot testing has proven to be an effective way to capture data and review areas where process improvements could be realized. A pilot program can also accurately assess the ROI of Synergy Series implementation and determine if this solution is right for you and your manufacturing process.

Durbin Industrial Valve has the ability to modify components to fit a wide variety of applications, contact a specialist for a consultation today!


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