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Valve Type: Globe

Function: Control

Action: Normally Closed/Normally Open

Actuation: Electromechanical

Electrical needs: 24 V DC, 5A (maximum draw)

Communication: Analog 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, Ethernet/IP**

Sizes: ½”-2” (DN 15 to DN 50)

Pressure Ratings: Up to 500 psi (34 bar)  ASME Class 300

Temperature Ratings: -40°F to 450°F  (-40°C to 231°C)

Connection Style: *Threaded (NPT/BSPT) & Flanged (B16.5)

Seat Type: Soft Seat

Leakage Rate: ANSI/FCI 70-2 class VI

Cv: Maximum of 52

Flow Characteristics: On/Off

Media: Most process fluid types; gas, liquids and steam

*Custom connection types available upon request with extended lead times

**Other digital protocols available

  • Overview: The Synergy Series Isolation valve series delivers the intelligence of the Synergy Series with the proven reliability of the Durbin industrial valve family.  This series of valves can be operated in many different modes, but their primary function is to act as redundant valves, isolation, or supply valves.  

  • Materials of Construction:The Synergy series core is comprised of stainless steel components.  The seal material is made from an engineered thermoplastic to provide durability and longevity under the most grueling control applications.  With the added benefit of the reseating capabilities, this seal material will outlast and outperform any valve seal plug on the market today.  The actuator is composed of stainless steel materials and powder-coated aircraft aluminum.  The internal actuator components are made from hardened steel to give years of service life.

  • Application: The Synergy Series Isolation valve can act as a redundant valve or a single-source supply valve.  The long lasting core, motor and actuator will outlast and outperform anything on the market today. By combining the increased speed and reliability with the reseating power of the Synergy Series, routinely changing out your supply/isolation valves will no longer be necessary.


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